SAP HANA Cloud Linked to Our On-Premise SAP NW AS ABAP and BW 7.50 Virtual Machine

Some weeks ago somebody ask me about how to connect the virtual machine with the SAP HANA Cloud open Platform provisioned by SAP AG.

I’ve been researching and this tutorial will explain how to do it step by step. In next tutorials I will use this connection as back-end and the front-end will be created on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

The image below explain how the different systems are going to work together and synchronized. This image belong to SAP Official help document.




SAP HANA Cloud Connector

From SAP development tools page in Cloud section we need to download the Cloud Connector. I’ll share the example using the windows (portable) version. You can read the oficial documentation and prerequisites for more details about the connector.01

Extract the content of the ZIP file and execute the go.bat file.02

Start the SAP NW AS ABAP and BW 7.50 SP02 : Virtual Machine.03

In your web browser (within Windows OS), open the url: Login using the default user: Administrator and password: manage (the system will ask to you change the default password).04

Define a SubAccount using your SAP HANA Cloud account information and the Region

Your connection should looks like the image below.06

In Cloud To On-Premise section, create a new Mapping Virtual To Internal System.07

Select ABAP System as back-end.08

Select HTTPS as protocol.09

Put and 44300 as on-premise host.10

Put the same and 44300 as Virtual information.11

Use None as principal type.12

Select Check Internal Host option. Your sumary should look like this. Finish13

This is the Mapping Virtual To Internal System configurated. Clic on Add button at Resources Accessible On section.14

Put the OData url (/sap/opu/odata/sap/zflight_crud_srv_01), created on the tutorial: SAP ABAP Repository – CRUD OData Service, check the Enabled option and select Path and all sub-paths as Access Policity.15

The Cloud To On-Premise configuration looks like this:16

SAP HANA Cloud Cockpit

Get into your HANA Cloud account and within Connectivity menu select Cloud Connectors option. We can see our SAP virtual machine system as back-end linked with our SAP HANA Cloud account.


Within Destination menu option create a New Destination.


Set theses parameters:

  • TutorialOData as Name.
  • HTTP as Type.
  • as URL.
  • OnPremise as Proxy Type,
  • BasicAuthentication as Authentication.
  • developer as User.
  • Appl1ance as Password.
  • Additional Properties:
    • WebIDEEnabled = true
    • WebIDESystem   = localhost
    • WebIDEUsage     = odata_gen,odata_abap,bsp_execute_abap
  • Save it


Clic on Check Connection button and the result should be Succesful.




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