Renew License and Enable External Access for HANA Virtual Machine

If you have downloaded the HANA virtual machine that I shared, the license has expired because the license used during the installation was available until April/08/2017. For that reason is necessary to renew the license and I’ll show you the process.

Additional and answering some questions, I’ll show you how to get access to the virtual machine using the SAPGUI in Windows instead of the Linux SAPGUI.




Renew License

The first step is start up your SAP HANA virtual machine. If the SAP Server is working fine then you can execute the command /usr/sap/NPL/SYS/exe/run/saplicense -get to know the hardware key of your virtual machine as the image below shown. This key is required to get the new License.



The license should be requested in this URL: and should be selected the option NPL – SAP NetWeaver 7.x (Sybase ASE). Is necessary set your personal information and the hardware key to generate the license file. At the end you need to be Agree with the license agreement and make click on Generate button.


A new file named NPL.txt will be downloaded and I suggest that you save it in your Desktop folder (/home/sapcclar/Desktop). If the firefox browser in the virtual machine doesn’t do, you can use another browser in your computer and move the file to the virtual machine.


Start up the SAPGUI and connect to the system with the user: SAP* and password: Appl1ance. After that using the transaction SLICENSE we will add the new license.


Please compare the system values and the license values, should be the same the hardware key and the system number. If not, copy the value from the SAPGUI to the NPL.txt file and save it.


Clic on Browser button and find your license file. Select it.


Your license was applied fine. Log of to the system and get in with DEVELOPER user to do practices.


Enable External Access

Is required set some parameters in the network virtual machine setting to access from your Windows SAPGUI.  Go to network setting / Advance options / Ports.


You need to set the values as the image below shown.


Now is necessary create a new connection in SAPGUI. Server:, Instance: 00, System ID: NSP.


Open the connection created and use the parameters, Client: 001, User: developer, Password: Appl1ance.


The connection is successful.





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